Short Funny Stories In English For Students




Short Funny Stories In English for kids spark curiosity and imagination. Some children don’t find the stories funny or entertaining. If not told well, stories may not engage kids in this day of the internet and many things to do. However, a captivating storytelling style can make kids laugh at even the stupidest stories.

If you want hilarious stories, myths, or comics for your kids, this post has them. Read and enjoy.

9 Kids to Read Short Funny Stories In English


Short Funny Stories In English For Students


Make it raucous to laugh. For the best narration, stay cool and adapt your tone. Let’s look at some of the greatest humorous stories.

1. The eleventh man missing

A group of ten men venture to the Ganges to bathe. They dip together holding hands. But they forget to hold hands when exiting the water.

One senior man asks, “Have we all crossed the river safely?” after reaching the shore. The remaining men stare at each other. They’re confused.

The senior man urges everyone to raise their hand to count. His count begins with each person.

When the count concludes at nine, males scream. They even search for the eleventh man. Each participant counts up to nine males and misses the tenth.

A cap vendor watches the funny scene and helps. The merchant offers each man a headgear to wear. The males are confused. The merchant requests the senior man to count all caps, including his own.

Ten caps surprise and delight everyone. The cap dealer makes a lot of money and leaves happy.

But what was the true mystery? The males always had nine because they failed to count.

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2. We’re even. Short Funny Stories In English

Nasreddin Hodja visits a Turkish bath. He is unhappy that nobody is paying attention as he gets provided an old towel and robe. Returning, he leaves a large tip at the counter without speaking.

A week later, he returns and is well-received. He receives royal treatment and extra services. Hodja is cheerful but tips a little.

Everyone is astonished and curious as to why Hodja left a modest tip this time.

He says, “Today’s tip is for last visit’s services. And the tip was for today. We still are.”

3. Emperor’s new clothing. Short Funny Stories In English

The emperor liked wearing pricey new garments every day. He groomed himself daily and changed his clothes often, forgetting his duties as monarch.

Two con artists pose as weavers and visit the emperor. They convince the emperor that only wise and honest persons can see their exquisite clothes. The emperor employs two conmen to manufacture his special clothes.

They pretend to weave clothing, forcing the king’s court to act as if they are witnessing the emperor’s gorgeous outfit. The conmen declare that the robe is ready and ask the emperor to wear it for the procession.

He obliged even though the emperor couldn’t see the clothing. He walks naked in the procession while pretending to wear the robe. No one wants to appear ignorant or dishonest, therefore everyone keeps quiet about the emperor being naked. However, an innocent toddler shouts, “The emperor is naked.” Another child laughs, and it spreads.

The emperor is confused but must walk the parade.
He punishes the conmen, but they’ve already taken the big money for the clothing they never wore.

4. Ant’s crash. Short Funny Stories In English

A pair, the elephant and his wife, the ant, resided in a distant city.

After work, they ride their scooter home and something unexpected happens. Accidental meeting. The elephant is seriously hurt, but the ant is scratch-proof.

Guess how? Ant is a safe rider and wears a helmet.

5. Frog’s belly rupture

This daydream is about father and son frogs living in a pond. The son frog saw a cow while playing in a garden. He tells his father about the enormous scary monster he witnessed at the pond.

The father frog rejects it. When the kid insists, the father listens and the son frog describes the ‘giant’’s size.

The father frog has him swallow air and asks if the monster looks like that. The son answers, “No, it is much bigger.” The father inhales more air and asks the son if the giant is so enormous. The son declines again.

The father repeats till his belly is full of air. His belly bursts before he can ask. The father cries in pain.

6. A man and 3 thugs

In a distant village, a man helped a landlord for free. His superstition was strong. After admiring his work, the landlord gives him a large, healthy goat.

The man walks home with the goat on his shoulders. Three evil goons watch and trick him.

The first guy asks, “Why are you carrying a dog on your shoulders.” The man gets irate and tells the thug it’s a goat, not a dog.

The second guy asks why he’s carrying a dead calf as he walks. He is angry and shouts, “You fool!” Can’t you see the goat? The second thug’s question makes the man suspicious.

After walking further, the third thug asks the man sarcastically, “Why are you carrying a donkey on your shoulders?”

The superstitious man fears the goat is a ghost. He abandons it and flees.

7. Dinner sandwiches

This is a short humorous story. Two advocate pals order drinks in a restaurant. They order nothing because they each have a sandwich in their briefcases. The advocates consume their sandwiches.

The waiter warns, “You are not allowed to eat your sandwiches inside the restaurant.”

The wise pals laugh and swap sandwiches.

8. Leg age. Short Funny Stories In English

An aging man sees a doctor for his awful leg pain. The doctor says, “I am sorry but this could be due to your old age.” He elaborates on why pain can’t be relieved.

The old man gets agitated and challenges the doctor’s skills. The doctor gets angry and confronts the old man, “How can you say that I know nothing and I am at fault for the pain in your leg?”

“It is obvious you are wrong,” the old man says innocently. My second leg is the same age but has no pain!”

9. A fly and a bald man

A bald man owned a candy business. The owner did everything he could to keep flies off his sweets.

A big fly rests on the sweets one day. It escapes his hands and sits on another sweet when he claps. Trying to clap it again, it flies away and sits on another dish, repeating.

The fly asks the bald man to clap and hurt it. The man responds, “I can sacrifice anything to keep you away from my store.”

The fly then settles on his bald head. He strikes his head to catch the fly without thinking. Fly flies away, leaving a big red bump on the man’s head.


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