Roman Reigns’ Wife Galena Becker Rules The Throne




Roman Reigns’ Wife Galena Becker. A former model and fitness instructor, she has a great career outside the ring. Galina is typically portrayed as the supportive wife, but she is also powerful. A skilled businesswoman, she’s always looking for new chances. She lovingly raises their five children.

This blog entry explores Galena Becker’s world:

Early Life and Education

Jacksonville, Florida, birthed Galina Becker on March 11, 1987. The youngest of three siblings.

Becker was a talented athlete early on. Her high school track and field team earned her a scholarship to Florida State University. She chose modeling instead.

Modeling Career. Roman Reigns’ Wife Galena Becker

Becker began modeling in 2006. She became one of the most sought-after models after joining Wilhelmina Models. She has appeared in Nike, Puma, and Guess ads.

Becker has appeared in movies and TV series in addition to modeling. She appeared in “The Marine 4: Moving Target” and recurring on “The Challenge,” an MTV show.

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Fitness Career

Recent years have seen Becker focus on fitness. She sells fitness clothing and vitamins and is a qualified personal trainer.

Relation to Roman Reigns.

In 2005, Georgia Tech students Galina Becker and Roman Reigns met. They married in 2014 after dating shortly after.

They have five children: Joelle, born in 2008; twins Jacob and Josiah, born in 2016; and twin daughters Sophia and Ava, due in 2020.

Reigns and Becker rarely discuss their personal lives, but they have posted family images on social media. A power couple, they appear happy together.

Wife of WWE Superstar Galina Becker

Being married to a WWE superstar can be challenging. Travel, grueling hours, and public pressure are constants. Galina Becker handled it all gracefully. She is powerful and independent and supports Roman Reigns’ profession.

She’s a terrific female role model. She proves that a great profession and loving wife and mother are attainable.

In conclusion:

Galina Becker is a successful model, fitness entrepreneur, and mother of five. She is powerful and independent, a role model for women. A caring wife and mother, she supports Roman Reigns’ career.


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