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How To Start A Sports Blog If you have a deep interest in sports and want to share that interest with others. Then starting a blog about sports is a fantastic option.

Creating a sports blog is a great way to meet new people. Who share your passion for sports and to learn more about the industry.

But alas, it’s not an original thought. The rise in popularity of sports blogging means that any one sports niche can yield thousands of results from a simple Google search. There is a lot of rivalry; where do you even begin?

We can help with that. In this simple-to-follow course, you will learn everything you need to know to launch a successful sports blog.

Locate Your Sweet Spot


How To Start A Sports Blog And Make Money


To succeed as a sports blogger, you must first choose your target audience. Your blog will have a better chance of sticking out from the crowd and getting readers if it is as niche and specialized as possible.

Choosing a broad topic can lead to a lack of focus and ultimately poor results for your readers. However, if you pick a specialized specialty, you’ll be able to draw in readers who are actively interested in the information you have to provide.

It’s crucial to pick a niche that you have a real interest in and enthusiasm for. It also needs to be something to which you can contribute unique and useful information, so it’s best to choose a topic where there aren’t already hundreds of other bloggers.

Here is some guidance on how to narrow your focus for your sports blog:

Pick a league (or a team within that league) rather than a generic sport.
Pay attention to groups playing at the community level.
Choose a focus for your content creation, such as in-depth interviews or match breakdowns.
Write a weblog about the athletes you look up to and the sports you enjoy the most.

Design a Logo. How To Start A Sports Blog

Establishing one’s reputation online has never been more crucial. Branding yourself helps you to differentiate yourself from the competition and establishes familiarity and recognition among your target audience.

Your blog’s brand is its identity, and it should permeate all of your online content. Everything associated with your sports blog, from your website and blog articles to your social media accounts and even any in-person events you may host, should be consistent with your brand.

The visual and aesthetic aspects of a brand include things like the fonts, logos, and colors used, as well as the company’s voice and ethos.

Think about what makes a difference to you as you peruse the online stores of some of your favorite brands. Can you picture their logo in your mind’s eye? Does the color scheme work for you? Is the language interesting enough to keep you reading? This (quite unofficial) method of market research can be useful when settling on the most important aspects of your brand’s identity.

Buy a Website Address. How To Start A Sports Blog

When people want to visit your sports blog, they will type your domain name into the address bar.

Domain names are like the address of your online home; to understand them, picture your blog or website as a house. It’s how new customers will discover your website.

It’s not easy picking a name for your sports blog’s domain. First, you’ll need to pick one that isn’t already in use, and then you’ll want to make sure that it’s simple to remember. The purpose of a domain name is to facilitate access to a website; hence, a cumbersome name is counterproductive.

Additionally, avoid getting too specific with your domain name. We’ve established that it’s beneficial to have a specialization, but if your domain name is too narrow, you’ll be unable to produce as much material in the future.

Prices for domain names range from about $10 to $20 annually. The cost of your domain name will vary with the registrar you choose and the extension you want (.com, for example).

A domain name is an annual investment that must be renewed annually. Don’t worry, most domain registrars will send you renewal reminders before your domain expires.

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Join a Blogging Service. How To Start A Sports Blog

If you want to start a sports blog, you can do so on several different blogging platforms.

Using a website builder is highly recommended because of all the perks that come with it, such as templates that can be modified without knowing any code, a user-friendly interface, 24/7 support, and a range of affordable pricing structures.

The three website creation platforms that we recommend the most are:


If you want your sports blog to look professional, Squarespace is your best bet. Squarespace is a great option if you care as much about the visual design of your site as you do about the information it contains. The user interface is intuitive, and you won’t need any coding experience to make it your own.


Wix is an excellent website builder for folks who have never created a website before. It includes several helpful tools, such as easy drag-and-drop editing and powerful SEO options. Over 800 distinct themes are available, and the user interface is intuitive enough for novices to quickly get the hang of.


Weebly shines when the user has some experience with coding. Yet plenty of customization is possible even for those without any coding experience. You can select from a variety of premade designs provided by the website builder. And you’ll also have access to helpful SEO instructions.

You may get started with your sports blog right away after signing up for a website builder, choosing a suitable plan, and linking your domain name.

Pick a Template and Make It Your Own. How To Start A Sports Blog

The theme you choose will determine the overall look of your website.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of distinct templates available for use with website builders.

After selecting a theme, you can modify its appearance by changing its colors, fonts, photos, layout, pages, and menus.

The above-mentioned Colima theme is only one example of Squarespace’s many blog-specific themes; Wix, meanwhile, offers a wide variety of sports-specific blog templates.

Some of the most important factors to think about while deciding on a theme are:

Make sure the theme is responsive; ideally, it should render similarly well (and perform similarly) on mobile as it does on a desktop.
Pick a theme with lots of configuration options so you may inject your style into the visuals.
Check the theme’s ratings and comments to make sure it’s free of any known concerns.
Check the theme’s loading time to make sure it won’t slow down your site.

Make the Foundational Posts for Your Blog

It’s important to get the foundational pages of your blog up and running before diving into the blog posts you may have been planning for weeks.

The home page, the About page, and the Contact page are examples of essential pages. Your sports blog’s readers will have a much harder time navigating and finding specific content without them.

So, what exactly ought to be on each page?

Simple material is best for your homepage. If you’d like to feature blog pieces here, rather than embedding the entire thing on the homepage, just offer a teaser with a “Read More” button.

Since a user’s initial interaction with your sports blog will be on your homepage, you want to give them a good impression. It’s important to give some thought to the content you’d like to include and the style of call to action that would be most effective.

You can tell your readers more about who’s behind the blog in the “about us” section of your site. Users aren’t interested in reading your life story but feel free to highlight anything you find fascinating or relevant.

Put in Programs. How To Start A Sports Blog

Speaking of applications, they are a fantastic tool for enhancing your sports blog’s functionality and guaranteeing a first-rate experience for your readers.

You can add new functionality and personalization options to your website by downloading and installing apps, also known as plugins.

Squarespace, Wix, and the other big-name website builders all provide a wide variety of useful add-ons for your site.

Incorporating media into your sports blog has never been easier than with the help of apps. Apps, like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can be used to help with the administrative tasks associated with running a sports blog.

Prepare and draft the articles for your blog.

When you initially begin writing your sports blog, you will likely find yourself flush with ideas for posts. The key is to not dive in headfirst without first developing a content strategy.

What you need is a content strategy, and that’s exactly what a content plan is. To have blog entries ready to go live at the precise time you specify, you may utilize your content plan to schedule them in advance. This is a terrific approach to keep your blog interesting and relevant at all times.

A content plan will help you avoid flooding your blog with entries that are too similar to one another and can also point out areas where you may be lacking.

Make sure you give each blog post plenty of thought before publishing it. Each post should be relevant to your area and written with the distinct voice you’re working to establish on your blog.

The voice you want to use for your sports blog is something you should have decided on when you were developing your brand. You can choose to write in a casual, conversational style, or you can write in a more official, authoritative style. No matter what you decide, be consistent!

There are a few key considerations when writing for the web and an online audience. Readers’ attention spans tend to be lower when consuming content online compared to traditional mediums.

In a similar vein, steer clear of jargon and overly complex terminology. It’s important to make your sports blog available to everyone because you never know who could stumble upon it.

Advertise Your Athletic Blog. How To Start A Sports Blog

When your sports blog is live and you’ve started adding quality content, it’s time to start promoting it.

You won’t attract any readers to your sports blog if they don’t know it exists. If you don’t actively market your blog, don’t be surprised if no one ever stumbles onto it. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with a list of the top digital marketing strategies that will get your sports blog read by the appropriate people.

SEO. How To Start A Sports Blog

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the method by which a website and its content are made more visible in search engines.

If you run a blog about the local American football team, for instance, you’ll want to show up in the search results for terms relating to your area and the sport.

Plugins are available for most of the popular website builders that will point out sections of your content that could want improvement and walk you through the process of optimizing your web pages.

Networking Sites

It’s impossible to launch a modern brand without using social media strategies.

Whether you recognize its value or not, social media is a potent resource. The nicest aspect is that… Unless you choose to use paid advertisements, there will be no financial outlay.

Make sure your sports blog has a presence on social media. So your readers may interact with you and other sports blog readers. You can utilize these sites to inform and engage your audience directly.

Your blog entries can also feature handy social media share buttons. These will let readers spread the word about your piece by publishing it on their own social media accounts. The vast majority of popular website builders offer an add-on to accomplish this.

Promotional Email

Do you subscribe to email newsletters from your favorite stores and websites? Do you receive promotional emails?

Creating a regular newsletter or email marketing campaign allows you to keep in touch with your audience even when they aren’t browsing your site.

Your subscribers will receive first access to any exclusive content you decide to include in your email.

You may increase the likelihood that every visitor. To your sports blog will sign up for your newsletter by adding a subscription pop-up.

An Overview of Creating a Sports Blog

The most important consideration is your motivation for creating a sports blog. Make sure your content consistently reflects your interests or expertise. In a certain area of sports if you hope to stand out from the crowd.

Think about what will make your sports blog stand out from the others. And you’ll have a successful blog up and running in no time if you follow the easy advice in this article.


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