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Entertainment Law Courses The field of law known as “digital entertainment law” is very new and encompasses numerous subspecialties. Video game law, often known as game law, computer game law, or interactive entertainment law, is one of the most well-known of these. However, the umbrella term “digital entertainment law” encompasses more than only video games; rather, it is a set of regulations that all have the same impact on the digital world’s many actors. If you work in the industry, play games, stream content, or fall anywhere in between, digital entertainment law is an integral part of your daily life.

Who needs to worry about the legality of digital entertainment?


Entertainment Law Courses Online


Digital entertainment legislation affects anybody who creates, distributes, or participates in online entertainment. Some of the most typical participants in this field are:

  1. Video game creators and publishers
  2. Creators and streamers
  3. Sponsors and licensees of electronic sports games and players

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To what extent is the law applicable to digital entertainment? Entertainment Law Courses

Because the law does not exist in neatly segregated boxes, practically every law may have some bearing on your actions. However, the term “digital entertainment law” can encompass a wide range of legal fields, including:

  1. The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECTA) and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) are two examples of consumer protection legislation.
  2. Legislation about electronic transmissions, such as the Electronic Communications
  3. Transparency Act (ECTA) and electronic
  4. Regulatory frameworks, such as the Cybercrimes Act,
  5. Copyright Act and other intellectual property laws
  6. Publication legislation, such as the Motion Picture and Broadcasting Act
  7. Legislation about the storage, dissemination, and protection of data, such as POPIA and PAIA.
  8. Laws about contracts, agreements, and labor relations

How may we be of service?

Our team of digital entertainment attorneys is passionate about the development of the sector and would want to see it flourish by the law. Game studios, distributors, and esports teams from all around the world are among our satisfied customers. We provide clients with a wide range of legal options, such as:

company formation and registration, shareholder agreements, employee and contractor contracts, client and customer contracts, intellectual property (IP) transfers, license and distribution agreements, legal compliance, and legal opinions.

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