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English Entertainment Channels North, East, West, and South! You can watch the newest rumors about your favorite performer or keep up with the country on news channels. News networks update society on current events, global issues, entertainment, and politics, making them India’s top news channels in 2022.

People spend a lot of their time watching these popular news stations. Thankfully, India has the best Hindi, English, and regional news stations. These channels provide all the information.

If the news station provides reliable information, viewers consider it the greatest Indian news channel. The most popular Hindi and English news channels in India are examined in this blog. BARC data, D.T.H. suppliers, and channel numbers were also included.

Top 10 Indian Hindi News Channels 2023


English Entertainment Channels In India


1. Aaj Tak—Sabse Tez

The best Hindi news channel in India is Aaj Tak. The Living Media group funds one of the oldest Hindi news networks. The news channel launched HD in 2018. Anjana Om Kashyap, Shweta Singh, Sayeed Ansari, and Sanjeev Chauhan are notable Aaj Tak journalists.

2. ABP News—Aapko Rakhe Aage

ABP News is an Indian Hindi news channel that was previously Star News. It belongs to ABP. Live, its English news website is on YouTube. Sansani and Saas Bahu Aur Saazish are popular on the channel. The station has employed famous correspondents like Neha Pant, Jyoti Taneja Bhasin, and Romana Isar Khan.

3. Zara Sochiye, Zee News

Following up on the list of the top 10 news networks in India is Zee News. The Essel group, which was established in 1999, is the owner of Zee News. The website and online news channel of Zee News both provide up-to-date news as well as analysis. The channel is on Zee 5, a live app.

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4. India TV News-Aap Ki Aavaj

One of the best Hindi news networks is India TV, based in Noida. It is an Independent News Service subsidiary founded in 2004. The channel was launched by Rajat Sharma and Ritu Dhawan. Aaj ki Baat and Aapki Adalat are among the top Hindi news stations.

5. D.D. News—Only Complete News

D.D. News is India’s only 24-hour English-Hindi terrestrial news station. The channel was D.D. Metro. Its popularity makes it one of India’s greatest Hindi news stations. It has a mobile app. The channel is free. Ankhon Dekhi is a popular show. Prasar Bharti supports the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

6. News 24-Think First

News 24 follows on our list of top Indian news networks. The channel owner is B.A.G. Films and Media Limited. The 2007 free-to-air channel was launched. E24, its sister channel, offers a website with daily news. Shows like Kalchakra are popular.

7. News18 India

News18 India is a top Indian news channel. Danik Jagaran founded the channel in 2005. Currently owned by Network 18. You may watch the newest news on its news website.

8. Voice of the People: NDTV India

The second top news channel in India is NDTV. News Delhi Television Limited supports the Hindi news channel. In 2016, NDTV launched NDTV India and NDTV Spice in the UK. This news station has produced legendary journalists Ravish Kumar, Abhigyan Prakash, and Rajiv Makhni.

9. News Nation

News Nation is free to air on Hindi news channels in India and based in Noida. The channel owner is News Nation Network Pvt Ltd. It started in 2013. News Nation provides true Bollywood, politics, crime, cricket, and criminal news. The first regional channel News State Uttar Pradesh debuted in 2014.

10. Republic Bharat TV—Rashtr Ke Naam

The latest Indian news channel is Republic Bharat TV, also known as R. Bharat. The news channel debuted in 2019. Famous journalist Arnab Ranjan Goswami supports it. Its current and authentic information makes it one of the greatest Hindi news networks.

Top English News Channel in India:

1. CNN News18

CNN News18, formerly CNN-IBN, is one of India’s greatest English news stations. The station was launched by prominent journalist Rajdeep Sardesai. CNN News 18 is owned by Network 18 and covers all genres of local news.

2. Times Now—Action begins. Always newsworthy

Next on India’s greatest English news networks list is Times Now. This 24-hour news channel is owned by The Times Group. The news channel launched in 2006 with Reuters. This news station has renowned journalists Rahul Shivshankar, Navika Kumar, and Maroof Raja.

3. NewsX. English Entertainment Channels

NewsX ranks third among India’s top 10 English news networks. The ITV-backed news channel launched in 2008. Some regional languages have news stations on the network.

4. IndiaToday

India Today, launched in 2003, is India’s top English news channel. Current events and business programming are broadcast from Noida. TV Today Network Ltd. owns India Today. It is the sister concern of the top Hindi news channel. Aaj Tak

5. Mirror You First. English Entertainment Channels

Mirror Now is a top Indian English news channel. The Times Group funds the 2015-launched channel. MagicBricks Now was a real estate news and information station. India This Morning, The News, Reporter Live, News Live, and others are popular on the channel.

6. NDTV 24×7

The next best English channel in India is NDTV24x7. The New Delhi-based news station covers current events. TV channel runs 24/7. NDTV owns and broadcasts the channel worldwide. The government banned the news channel in 2016, but it was lifted.

7. India Rises with E.T. English Entertainment Channels

ET Now is a top Indian English news channel. The station broadcasts finance news. Bennett Coleman & Company Limited runs it. The channel has specialized in governance, politics, and technology in recent years. E.T. Now is Mumbai-based.

8. The world is one

WION is the eighth most-watched English news channel in India. It is a Zee Media news-based pay TV channel. The channel covers global news. It launched its website in 2016. The channel replaced Zee News English with Noida headquarters.


All news fans should check out our list of India’s greatest English and Hindi news stations. The top-rated networks cover all news categories, including politics, Bollywood, crime, and others. Check out our latest blog, Best Sports Channels in India.


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