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Best Low Budget Marketing Marketing campaigns are wide and can mean many things. I define it as a project that drives a specific activity through one or more channels. Running a giveaway marketing campaign on social media is one example. You might also email, blog, influencer, or promote it.

Marketing campaigns aim to achieve certain goals, such as increasing website traffic, product sales, or tool usage. They also have deadlines to test, evaluate, and optimize.

Marketing campaign types. Best Low Budget Marketing


Best Low Budget Marketing Campaigns


Many marketing initiatives can be used to achieve your goals. Let’s examine some marketing campaigns.

1. Start campaigns

If you work for a startup, you know the struggle to launch a new product, service, or feature.

This is a great marketing opportunity! Your launch size may require a full-court press on all marketing platforms. Consider adding them for launches:

  1. Press release (Learn press release writing here!)
  2. Sponsorships or press features
  3. Blogs by stakeholders
  4. Syndicated content on LinkedIn or Medium
  5. Advertising on social media
  6. Influencers or networks help

The iPod launch campaign was so successful that Apple today utilizes similar imagery and content for wearables.

For ideas on this campaign type, refer to 12 Ways to Effectively Promote a New Product or Service.

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2. Sales promotions. Best Low Budget Marketing

Thinking about a limited-time service discount? Upgrading your staple? Sounds like a good time for a limited-time marketing campaign.

Your existing clients should be informed about the discount or improved UX, and you may use them to spread the news.

You need:

  1. Email communication (examples of promotional emails).
  2. Blog post (depending on campaign length).
  3. Support network
  4. Social media shareable

Here are some sales promotions suitable for this campaign.

3. Events marketing campaigns

Finally, conferences are back! This is personal because I plan conference sponsorships, speaking sessions, and booth designs. Not to mention attending webinar after webinar on “how to” this and that.

Include these materials to increase your webinar attendance, workshop attendance, or conference ticket sales:

  1. Drip emails
  2. 1-on-1 outreach
  3. Landing page with the registration form.
  4. Shareable social assets

A WordStream throwback.

Need event marketing ideas? Simply refer to these 11 Brand-building Event Marketing Ideas.

4. Many other marketing campaigns

These are three of the numerous marketing efforts. The list continues, based on your goals, business situation, and marketing campaign definition.

Some more to consider:

  1. Reengagement marketing programs aim to attract returning clients.
  2. Targeted marketing efforts for established products or services that require additional attention.
  3. Rebranding marketing campaigns: Share your new look with the globe.

Let’s start with examples! These can inspire your next marketing campaign, existing one, or roadmap.

Our favorite Best Low Budget Marketing campaigns and what we can learn from them

Here are five successful marketing campaigns. How to use them in campaigns is also covered.

1. Two groups (Apple)

Before the Mac was a “book” and personal computers were luxury, Apple introduced the Lisa, the first mouse-controlled computer. Their initial campaign featured a Kevin Costner ad.

This was not the first influencer marketing campaign. Kev was famous before.

Lisa never took off.

The screenplay of this commercial is a hallmark: “We make the most advanced personal computers in the world.” Why soon, there may be two groups: computer users and Apple users.”

2. USPS Operation Santa. Best Low Budget Marketing

USPS fascinates me. How incredible is it that you can put a cheap, adhesive paper on an envelope, put it in a box outside your house, and it will magically arrive thousands of miles away?!

However, I digress. USPS invites youngsters to mail letters to the “North Pole,” a collection facility that displays photographs of the letters online, for Operation Santa. Participants read letters and respond to requests by mailing a package to the youngster.

The marketing effort increased business for USPS and made everyone feel good through its altruistic nature.

Involve a third benefactor in your campaign.

All marketing initiatives are a win-win: clients get the great offer and you get their business. However, a charity marketing strategy can win-win-win. The third beneficiary—children in underserved communities—encourages USPS and its customers to maximize this marketing campaign.

3. Agnes Saw (Tokyo Olympics)

This amazing commercial showcases Agnes Keleti, the oldest living Olympian, and numerous of her incredible Olympic moments. “What Agnes Saw” depicts her seeing the torchlight and thousands of athletes like her.

If this doesn’t move you or make you want to act, you may not have a heart. I didn’t plan to watch the Olympics this year. Mainly because I don’t have cable (OTT). After discovering Agnes’s beautiful memories, I stole my parents’ cable login.

Takeaway: Use a “look back” campaign to highlight your successes, failures, and missteps.

The Olympics are unique. Every year, the games are distinct because of locations, cultures, geopolitical events, and athletes.

The Olympic marketing campaign shows us how to accept obstacles and successes. Honor your past and enjoy your future.

That implies apologizing for any wrongdoing and telling clients how you’re fixing it (acknowledging faults is good). Maybe displaying the generations of family that developed the right formula for your business is preferable.

4. Amazon Prime Day. Best Low Budget Marketing

Amazon held its first Prime Day in 2015 to increase Prime subscribers. It worked, man. Well, they still have numerous Prime Day days six years later.

As a subscription-based firm, emulate Amazon by rewarding loyal customers with extra benefits. Someone who will make their friends and family jealous and want to subscribe to your service immediately.

Free things are always my recommendation since people enjoy it. My gym recently sponsored a “Member’s Day” with activities and giveaways. Their specialty beer was made for the event!

5. Where are my Quays?

How could we not incorporate an influencer marketing campaign? I will not discuss a weight-loss candy, tea, or supplement.

The ultimate influencer campaign is Where Are My Quays. When did Chrissy Teigen blow up Quay sunglasses in 2019?

After the comedian/model/John Legend’s baby mama praised these huge sunglasses in advertisements and social media, everyone wanted to have them.

Best marketing campaigns you’ve seen?

These are some of my favorite marketing campaigns, but not all. Send us your favorites and we may add them!


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