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Becoming A Lifestyle Entrepreneur A lifestyle entrepreneur tailors their business to their lifestyle. Discover what distinguishes lifestyle entrepreneurs from other business styles.

A Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

A lifestyle entrepreneur chooses a lifestyle and builds a business to support it. It’s different from other entrepreneurs who prioritize the business and then adapt their lifestyle around it.

Lifestyle entrepreneurs value enthusiasm and independence (such as working a certain number of hours or traveling). They may desire to work only enough to sustain their lifestyle. Thus, they may prioritize expansion less than other entrepreneurs.

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How Do Becoming A Lifestyle Entrepreneur?


Becoming A Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Traditionally, people build their lives around their careers. Instead, lifestyle entrepreneurs construct their careers around their lives. They use their business profits to fund their passions, hobbies, interests, and aspirations.

Despite the lengthy history of home businesses, the Internet allows people to start and run global businesses from anywhere, even while traveling. Laptops, smartphones, and cloud computing allow lifestyle entrepreneurs to operate on the go.

In “The Suitcase Entrepreneur,” Natalie Sisson built a business around her love of travel. She coaches and sells information to entrepreneurs who wish to travel and be free. She travels and loves her lifestyle while doing business on her phone and laptop.

Lifestyle entrepreneur Tim Ferriss sells books and podcasts about entrepreneurship and personal growth. He is famous for The 4-Hour Workweek, which teaches readers how to construct a lifestyle-focused business. He makes money with his business, and his lifestyle influences his products.

Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

You need a plan to succeed as a lifestyle entrepreneur. The following steps demonstrate.

Choose Your Lifestyle. Becoming A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

You must choose a lifestyle for your business first. Ask yourself these questions:

How do you want life?
Your passions and goals?
Want to live and work abroad?
Do you wish to make enough for a bigger goal?

Find Your Passions

Why are you passionate? You can sometimes combine your passion with business. A travel food blog could be a lifestyle business if you love food and travel.

Brainstorm Passionate Ideas. Becoming A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Your skills, tangible things, or knowledge can be sold to gain money.

Create company concepts based on your passions to generate income. If you love gardening, you may start a landscaping business, sell gardening goods, or sell a course.

Research Your Ideas

Research whether a couple of your top ideas can help you live your dream life. If they don’t let you pursue your lifestyle objective from the first step, they’re not a good home business.

For travel, consider portability, flexibility, and earning possibilities. Also, establish if your ideas have a market.

Plan your business. Becoming A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

List the steps needed to launch your lifestyle business. The fundamentals are a website and email list. But you must also examine your offering and delivery method. List all the tasks and supplies you need to get started.

Next, create a lifestyle business plan. This should cover your product and service idea, finances, marketing, and more, like a standard business plan. You’ll also need to pay attention to ensure it supports your life.

Do the Paperwork

Get permissions and licenses to legally construct your business structure. As a traveling lifestyle entrepreneur, you must choose a residence. You must list your residence on all company paperwork, even if you don’t live there for most of the year.

Create Pricing and Marketing

Pricing your items or services. Make sure your pricing is high enough to fund your lifestyle objective but low enough for a market to pay.

Building your website and email marketing funnel is also required. Essentially, your business core. This is where you offer yourself and your goods and services.

You must define your ideal client/customer, determine where to contact them and establish materials and processes to promote your firm. Email, social networking, blogging, podcasts, and videos can promote your business.

Automate, systematize and outsource whenever possible

Automation can involve post-sale digital product distribution and social media scheduling.

System processes run your business smoothly. Lead generation, sales funnels, and sales procedures are examples.

Customer assistance, social media management, public relations and marketing, and bookkeeping can be handled by a virtual assistant or several. More work delegated means more time for lifestyle goals.

Key Takeaways. Becoming A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Successful “lifestyle entrepreneurs” tailor their enterprises to achieve certain personal aims.
Flexibility is more important than commercial success for lifestyle entrepreneurs.
Like any other business owner, a lifestyle entrepreneur has a vision for how they want to live their life and works to make it a reality.


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